Our vision

Enable everyone to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle

Our mission :

Accelerate the energy transition with innovative and affordable products.

Just because our world today …

  • is full of wasteful consumption ;
  • lacks innovation in the home energy industry ;
  • makes green energy opaque, complex and accessible to a minority ;
  • relegates everyone to be passive consumers
  • forces you to decrease your standard of living

… doesn’t mean that we must remain passive.


What we want is to …

  • live smarter by consuming better ;
  • develop breakthrough technology that serves our planet ;
  • make transparent, pragmatic solutions accessible to all ;
  • empower consumers to become actors ;
  • enable you to increase your standard of living

… so you can actively contribute to a better tomorrow.


It is time to …

  • take another look at the world ;
  • reevaluate our energy consumption ;
  • make high quality products that last ;
  • act, reach out and help others ;
  • roll up our sleeves and commit to tomorrow

… Let us learn to save, naturally, intelligently.


Let us be a community …

An awakened and engaged community. Let us be many, very many. The lines will move. Becoming active is our mission. This is why we offer you a solution that:

  • pays you. Remunerates your commitment, your contribution, based on recycling and not waste.
  • allows you to actively chose your consumption.
  • makes you an actor for the environment. For you, for us, for our children, for the world.

It is impossible to remain neutral, immobile. We are all concerned. Become responsible. Become agents of change.

Our story

In 2013, Camille and Alexandre observed just how much energy we were wasting every day.

Wasted energy is energy that we collect, pay for that then dissipates in nature but from which we derive no utility, nor comfort.

With our engineering lens, we set out to reduce our energy waste with the help of technological solutions of tomorrow!

– the hestiia team

Statue hestiia

hestiia's key dates...

  • 2016
    • January
      Company creation
      Two co-founders.
  • 2018
    • October
      First installations
      The team installed our first product, which allowed customers to recuperate the heat from shower waste water. We were four people in the team.
  • 2020
    • January
      R&D for sato product
      We started developing sato, a boiler that recycles heat from immersed high performance computers boards.
  • 2021
    • April
      sato market launch
      Commercial launch of sato, first sales to a group of blockchain technology enthusiasts.
    • December
      Seed round of fundraising
      The company raises €1.2M and begins the development of a new product for the general public.
  • 2022
    • October
      A new brand!
      Launch of the hestiia brand, the team continues to grow and now has fifteen employees.
    • December
      New round of fundraising
      The company raises an additional €1.3 million.

A team
dedicated to our mission

We are a team of mission-driven designers, engineers, and changemakers united by one goal: to make the energy transition accessible to everyone.

Team hestiia

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