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Heat differently

sato is an electric heating system that complements your current boiler. It recycles heat from high-performance computer boards to heat your home.

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Heat yourself with the latest generation cards

These computer boards generate heat just like a high performance computer.

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Sato - Cartes de minage immergées

The cards are then submerged

We use a specially designed liquid to cool the cards and heat your home. You can install up to 5 cards, depending on your heat needs.

Recover 100% of the heat

This liquid transfers the heat emitted by the cards into a boiler that preheats your existing hydraulic heating system (radiators, heated floors, hot water, etc.)

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Chaudière SATO

Heat your home and finance your retirement

sato is an innovative electric heating solution. The idea is to recycle 100% of the heat emitted by high-performance computer cards.

We resell the computing power to help you finance your heating costs

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Keep your comfort, starting today.

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The technology

For reasons of profitability and longevity of the cards, it is preferable that sato be installed upstream of an existing hydraulic system in order to preheat the water of your boiler, rather than to meet an instantaneous need for hot water.

About 5 years. By then, you will likely have made enough profit to replace any cards that might need it.

Between 1 and 2 years. This may vary slightly depending on the configuration and annual energy consumption of your home.

We can make a more precise estimation together.


We offer you several guarantees :

  • 2 years for the cards
  • 2 years for the rest of the electronic equipment
  • 20 years for the boiler

Service après-vente

Just like a conventional boiler, an annual review of sato by your plumber is recommended for the proper functioning and durability of your device.

We produce in batches.

The production/delivery time can be from 2 to 6 months depending on when you reserve your sato.

We are currently working to reduce this delay.


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