Warm up. Worry less.

Imagine an eco-friendly heater that pays you each month to heat your home.

Shipping only to France… For now!

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Earn up to 450€/year for a 90m2 home.
By heating your home in an eco-friendly way.
Get cashback on your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort or changing your habits.

The energy revolution begins at home

The only radiator that finances your energy bills to change the world. Save money and save the planet while staying warm.
Worried about rising energy prices?
Keep your home heated without breaking the bank and save on your energy bills.
Our myEko smart heaters are designed to help you stop worrying about your energy bills.
myEko offers an innovative heating solution to regain control of your energy bills all from your smartphone.
Subsidize your heating bill without changing your habits and watch your savings grow!

hestiia, an innovative French company

Specialized in residential energy optimization since 2016

Our vision is to enable the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle

”Being environmentally responsible can pay off!”

Alexandre Vinot


”An eco-friendly way to save and earn money while staying warm.”

Camille Chenuil


How does it work?

Boost your purchasing power based on an eco-friendly way to recycle heat


Heat your home without reducing your comfort

When you plug in your myEko heater, it turns on high-performance H1 electronic cards capable of heating your home while using 15% less energy compared to a conventional electric heater.

The more, the merrier!

Turn each room into a way to save and say goodbye to high energy bills.
An apartment
Heaters installed
Savings generated in one year
Carbon emissions saved this year
A home
Heaters installed
Savings generated in one year
Carbon emissions saved this year
A large home
160 m2
Heaters installed
Savings generated in one year
Carbon emissions saved this year

More economical, more ecological

myEko outperforms the others heaters: from performance to price.

Annual savings in euros*

With a myEko heater


With a classical heater

*You can transfer the cashback to your bank account at any time.

Heat recycled annually (2)

With a myEko heater


With a classical heater


Products built to last

30 day Easy Return Policy
Don’t like your myEko ? Simply return it within 30 days and get a full refund. No strings attached.
5-year Warranty for parts and labor
We build to last. With durability in mind, our warranty policy helps extend the life of our products with coverage for up to five years.
Preventive maintenance every 5 years. We take care of everything
Our heating system can be replaced free of charge on request every 5 years in order to maintain its performance. We have created an innovative system that enables efficient recycling and reuse of materials.
myEko is already available in France and new countries will be available in more countries soon. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected!
myEko is designed to heat ~10 m² to 15 m² (1000W).
Example: to heat a room of 30 m², it is recommended to put 2 to 3 radiators distributed in the room.
It’s simple ! All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. You can easily do the installation yourself by following our instructions, or have it done by a professional.
The heating continues, but the savings stop.
You will be charged €49 per unit when you pre-order.

Upon delivery, you will have the option to either (i) pay in full or (ii) in deferred installments.
Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and bank transfers.
Delivery is scheduled between September and December 2023.

The first buyers will be the first delivered.
For the best user experience, you can control your heaters remotely using your smartphone or our website. You can also manually adjust it from the heater’s display screen.
You can consult our FAQ page. You can also reach us on our contact page.

myEko is assembled in France.

  • Format: Horizontal 900mm (L) x 680mm (H) x 150mm (D)
  • Power: 1000 W
  • Weight : 29 kg
  • Colour: White
  • Components: Wasted heat recovery system “Recovery Heat” which recycles 100% of the energy generated by computer power to convert it back into heat thanks to the high-performance “H1” cards.

myEko is as quiet as the desert. (i.e. < 10 decibels).

Instead of 490€,

pay only 49€* today and the rest upon delivery.

* Pre-order amount : 49€

Total myEko heater price : 490€

(1) Notes: Based on a saving of €0.018 per kWh consumed for a 90m² home by the heating modules and an annual heating consumption of 25,000 kWh per home.
Average hestiia gain generated = €0.018 per kWh consumed
Annual heating consumption = 25,000 kWh. This is equivalent to a class E dwelling of 90m2 (278kWh/year/m2).
Source: https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/sites/default/files/V2_Guide diagnostiqueurs DPE logement 2021.pdf

(2) 90m2: 3.96 t CO2e carbon emissions saved per radiator where a home (class E) consumes 278 kWh/year/m2
Source: https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/sites/default/files/V2_Guide diagnostiqueurs DPE logement 2021.pdf
Housing size = 90m2 CO2e emissions = 0.16 kg CO2e/kWh.
Source : https://bilans-ges.ademe.fr/documentation/UPLOAD_DOC_FR/index.htm?moyenne_par_pays.htm