Hacking the heat industry to create a sustainable and comfortable future

Hestiia is a tech startup that's driving innovation to speed up the global energy transition. Founded in 2016 by Camille Chenuil and Alexandre Vinot, Hestiia creates heating products for everyday consumers and professionals, aiming to revolutionize and modernize the industry by leading in the use of the latest technologies for comfort and energy efficiency. From waste heat to artificial intelligence and connectivity, Hestiia is shaping the homes of the future with sustainable, cutting-edge systems.

Our mission

Our mission is to speed up the global shift to sustainable energy by driving innovation in an often overlooked area: heating.


A passionate and creative team

Hestiia is a team of 20 individuals based in Nantes. Our team is driven by a shared commitment to continuously enhance the customer experience, pursue long-term growth, and explore innovative approaches to improve our environmental impact while staying competitive. Our diverse roles at Hestiia include Hardware Engineering & Design, Software Engineering, Sales & Customer Care, Marketing, Manufacturing, Human Resources, and Executive positions.

We're tired of outdated, energy-draining systems that are fragile, environmentally unfriendly, and aesthetically unpleasing. They come at a high cost and their brand values are more about appearances than genuine conviction.

We aim to pave the way for the homes of the future, equipped with the latest technologies. Our goal is to modernize the sector and introduce the next technological revolution in heating and thermal comfort.

Our commitments

Continuous innovation

We believe that the future belongs to those who innovate. Every day, we push the boundaries of what's possible, turning our boldest ideas into tangible realities.

Uncompromising quality

In every project, every product, we infuse uncompromising quality both in the choice of materials and in our craftsmanship, because our customers deserve nothing but the best.

Durability and responsibility

Hestiia is committed to building a greener, more sustainable future, where every action contributes to the health of our planet.

Always one step ahead

We keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and anticipate how they might affect our product in the future. As pioneers in our field, we don't just follow trends, we create them.

Our product

myEko® is the result of advanced engineering: An innovative dual-heating element heater, featuring an aluminum inertial core and a radiant facade made of Corian®. Designed for precision, adaptability, and control. It's a digital heater that efficiently recycles waste heat from computers into usable warmth.

Equipped with advanced tri-zone infrared sensors - front, back, and floor - it accurately measures ambient temperature, facade temperature, and internal heating element temperature, ensuring perfectly balanced heat distribution.

With HestiiaOS®, myEko possesses an embedded system that can unlock new features in the future without requiring hardware changes through simple updates.

It enables up to 30% savings on heating bills and offers a completely new user-friendly and intuitive experience.

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